Turret Restoration Projects


PT Boat Replica Dual BMG .50 Cal Gun Turrets to be installed on the PT-728 MTB at the Liberty Aviation Museum see it at www.libertyaviationmuseum.org. North American Restorations built two identical turrets for the museum that feature the Automatic Weapon Simulator AWS-50 Dual BMG .50 Cal system. This system uses a programmable microprocessor to control propane, oxygen and a spark to operate and sound like a real gun firing. It is extremely loud and very realistic for a replica that does not shoot any projectile.

Trigger assembly parts prior to paint and assembly. Complete trigger assembly and ammo feeds.
Trigger assembly installed in gun mount in turret. Ammo guide with belt of replica .50 Cal ammo.
Turret bearing, Gun pedestal, turret brake and backrest. New Castings.
Complete turrets ready to go! Notice the canvas
ammo covers installed.
Turrets delivered to the PT-728 MTB at
The Liberty Aviation Museum in Clinton, Ohio

Video Demos



B17 Ball Turret installed in "My Gal Sal" at
The National WWII Museum see it at www.ddaymuseum.org

Early model B17 Ball Turret arrives at shop.

Ball Turret during restoration some cabling installed.

Back of completed ball turret prior to shipping.

Front of completed B17 turret showing some inside detail.


TBM Avenger Turret installed at
The National WWII Museum see it at www.ddaymuseum.org

TBM Turret arrives at North American Restorations.

Side view of Avenger Turret.

Inside view showing warning labels.

TBM Turret almost done.

TBM Turret electronic box detail.

TBM Avenger Turret Complete prior to shipping.


B17 Upper Turret installed in "I'll be Around" at the
390th Bomb Group Museum see it at www.390th.org

B17 Turret parts arrive at North American Restorations.

B17 Upper Turret new castings, ready for assembly.

B17 Upper Turret top view.

B17 Upper Turret finished in shipping fixture.


B25 Tail Turret installed in "Show Me" at the
Commemorative Air Force Missouri Wing see it at www.cafmo.org

B25 parts received at North American Restorations.

New turret parts laid out. Several extras fabricated.

B25 Tail Turret installed almost done.

B25 Tail Turret finished.


B25 Top Turret installed in a "Wild Cargo" at
The Fighter Factory see it at www.fighterfactory.com

B25 Top Turret in process.

B25 Top Turret completed.

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